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Maison Diez Company 2021

Diez Company

With more than a decade of experience in design, distribution and implementation of highend lighting in luxury projects, Diez Company has become an industry leader. It now possesses a wide client portfolio that includes individual projects, collaborations with international design houses and, above all, it has consolidated its reputation within the contract sector, supplying lamps for the most exclusive hotel and restaurant chains throughout the country.

Diez Company, a project by Gina Diez Barroso and Rodrigo Fernández Barajas, has created The Light Report (, a blog specialized in
lighting that offers three printed editions annually, has established itself as the company that sets the pace and defines decorative lighting trends in Mexico.

Maison Diez Company

Maison Diez Company is an ambitious project that brings together the most prestigious lighting design companies from around the globe. 
In a spectacular location of Mexico City the different installations are exhibited so that special guests can live closely the Maison Diez Company experience.

The common areas and outdoor spaces of the Porfirian style villa, originally built in 1898 and later renovated in 1943, will be transformed into installations exhibiting a number of lighting pieces by some of the most prominent brands in the world, each one within its own setting mingling together to create a common dialogue.  Astro Lighting, Axolight, Bomma, Bocci, Bover, Contardi, Delta Light, Faro, Lee Broom, Marset, Parachilna, Santa & Cole, Tom Dixon and Pablo Designs are a few of the brands that will showcase their pieces at Maison Diez Company 2021.
Over 30 international guests will accompany us this year. The unprecedented presentation in Mexico of the 100 Series by Omer Arbel for Bocci is noteworthy and will be displayed in an installation of great dimensions. The well-known English designer, Tom Dixon, as part of his world tour, will present the new collection Press in a “Speakeasy” format in the house. The launch of this collection marks the beginning of Tom’s tour in several important capital cities in America.
Important new companies like Mandalaki Halo Edition and WAW COLLECTION will debut in Mexico City exclusively at Diez Company.

Award winning photographer, Ema Peter and her team will be in charge of capturing the photography of the house with her unprecedented eye.

Maison Diez Company 2021

This November, Diez Company will once again present the Maison Diez Company project to both the Mexican and International audience. This space devoted to design and lighting will be the meeting point for the most prominent players in international design.

The third edition of this project returns with a renewed concept, introducing new products and installations for those who appreciate architecture, design, and the hospitality and construction industry.
Renowned designers, artists, architects, interior designers, commercial partners, lighting experts and international brand representatives will meet with one objective - to celebrate light once more. Following the past successes of our 2018 and 2019 editions, Maison Diez Company will present this new project in an auspicious location: a beautiful villa located in the Escandon neighborhood.

Escandón Neighborhood | A Diamond in the Rough

The Escandon neighborhood in Mexico City is located next to the working-class neighborhood, Tacubaya and was well known as a place of leisure at the beginning of the last century for the city’s high society, giving way to a rapid urbanization of the western section with the construction of manors. To this day beautiful homes built at the end of the XIX century are preserved. Maison Diez Company will be housed in one of these beautiful villas. Escandon is considered one of those neighborhoods with the most prominent Mexican lineage. It has been a refuge for well-known artists, creatives, publicists, lawyers and academics. The small local shops thrive thanks to local support, giving this neighborhood a small town feel in the midst of the cosmopolitan Mexico City. Nonetheless, the high demand for this area in the XXI century has begun to change all of this and some now refer to it as the “New Condesa”, eventhough the locals are adamant in preserving its original name. 


Maison Diez Company and The Light Report are both initiatives of Rodrigo Fernandez who is the director and co-founder of Diez Company. He has forged the path, developing a market for the lighting industry with offerings never seen before in Mexico. His goal is to create a community that benefits manufacturers, as well as distributors, interior designers, and of course the final customer. Rodrigo has put together a group of experts this year to help him bring to life his vision of this project. The contribution made by this group of experts has made Maison Diez Company a project like no other from the many angles of architecture, interior design, textile design, color, photography, floral architecture, communication and food design.

Rodrigo Fernández

Project Director-Diez Company

Co-Founder and Director of Diez Company, the leader lighting retailer and wholesaler in Mexico.
Industrial designer with over 15 years experience offering expert advise and lighting consultancy to Luxury Hotels in Mexico and Central America. Experience in working with brands like; Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Marriott, Hilton, Montage, Solaz, Edition, Auberge among others.
Creator of The Light Report: A digital platform and printed magazine dedicated to the world of lighting design and "The Maison Diez Company” lighting exhibition since 2018.
Public speaker and advocator for the best lighting culture and consultant to high-end lighting manufacturing.

Ema Peter

Ema Peter Photography

Ema Peter has been with Maison Diez Company from the beginning. A casual invitation led to Ema becoming the official photographer for the project and as a result her photographs of Maison Diez traveled around the world. Since 2018 she has surprised the design scene in Mexico by capturing the beauty and essence of our project through her magical lens. Ema recognized as the best architectural photographer in the world, travels to Mexico for each edition to uniquely capture the spaces as they transform, reclaim and stand apart thanks to the lighting by Diez Company.

Douglas Garfinkle

Kravet Inc - Donghia

Douglas Garfinkle has worked in the design industry for 14 years. As vice president of showrooms for the international furniture company Kravet Inc., he has had the vision to design unique experiences in each of the more than 40 showrooms the brand has across the USA and Canada. The recent acquisition of the iconic company Donghia by Kravet Inc. has given Douglas an unexpected twist. He was named creative director of Donghia this year and also continues to develop parallel projects with his firm, DFG Design. Douglas joins Maison Diez Company to share his textile and interior design vision, expertise, and innovation. 

Sagrario Saraid

Dobleuese Atelier

Sagrario Saraid has filled the Directors seat for important publications in Mexico such as T Magazine by The New York Times. Sagrario Saraid has overseen the communications for Diez Company since 2017. She co-publishes and designs all the communication channels for The Light Report project and is responsible for the image design of the Maison Diez Company 2021 edition. Her agency DobleuEse Atelier specializes in content and communication and has given Diez Company the impulse it needed to appear fresh and modern in the design industry. For this occasion, she is joining Maison Diez Company to provide digital applications and surprising designs that seem to take on a life of their own alongside the home, the architecture, the spaces and the lighting installations. 

Martha Ortíz Chapa

Martha Ortiz-Filigrana

Martha possesses a sensitive vision of life from which she draws inspiration to invent new universes. She is a researcher interested in the social reality of Mexico and has a profound love for our country and culture. She has been able to combine the two in her daily routine; On one hand, creation, imagination, and the discovery of beautiful novelties, and on the other, flavors and customs etched in Mexican roots. She is also an accredited author of various cookbooks as well as an important participant in festivals and international conferences. Martha Ortiz Chapa’s career in gastronomy stands out on its own as an essential part of history and forever present in the country. It isn’t about a work of art or conventional cooking. It is about her living within the world of Mexican cuisine and enjoying all the imaginable pleasures that it has to offer. Her cuisine has meaning and explores all senses with meaning and intention. Martha joins Maison Diez Company with an unforgettable gastronomical experience.

Arlette Salas

Arquitectura Floral

Arlette has participated in the latest editions of Maison Diez Company creating a link between light, architecture, flowers, and plants. Once more, Arlette is joining the Maison Diez Company 2021 project to introduce living elements to the space. Floral language has always been a part of the installations Maison Diez Company has displayed, but this time around an effort will be made for newer and more interesting typologies. Arlette Salas, known as the best florist in Mexico City, does not cease to surprise us with her breathtaking and sophisticated creations.  


For Diez Company, the word ‘collaboration’ is very important: this is why this project has prominent collaborators. Several companies have become strategic allies for the completion of this project. Our allies are: 

COMEX | Renovate and Bring Back to Life

The company specialized in paint and color has transformed the Porfirian Villa. Thanks to Comex, the spaces for this project have been revamped bringing new energy to the environment. Comex has made every effort to transform the location into a blank canvas by restoring elements of the facade and aesthetically cleansing the spaces, leaving them ready for the intervention by Diez Company’s team. Comex will present the new color trends and the color of the year for 2022 in the different spaces of Maison Diez Company. 

Clarke and Clarke | Emma Shipley

The international house that has created some of the most sought-after wallpapers, fabrics and décor items has generously joined Maison Diez Company bringing to it sophistication and design. Throughout the different spaces of the house, you will be able to appreciate printed velvets from The Jungle collection designed by the artist Emma J Shipley. It is a collection of fabrics blending rich velvets, luxurious satins, and shiny finishes: mystical, magical, and exotic. A bestiary dream with tropical parrots, balancing lemurs, fierce tigers, and giraffes all gracefully hand drawn. 

Kravet | A family tradition

On this occasion Artell will bring to Maison Diez Company Kravet’s legacy to grace the beautiful Villa Escandon with exquisite fabrics. This sixth-generation family company distributes textiles, furniture, wallpaper, decor, rugs and accessories. They own Kravet, Lee Jofa, GP & J Baker, Brunschwig & Fils, Inc., and its most recent acquisition: Donghia

signl | Control de Iluminación

We live an exciting time in the history of lighting design. LED technology continues to offer new forms and functions. SIGNL’s participation in Maison Diez Company as an integration company of Casambi, the simplest yet robust lighting control system, designed to improve the quality and experience of modern spaces. This system erases the boundaries between lighting and control, thanks to its intuitive, safe, timeless, and user-friendly interphase. Given the features, it provides several possibilities for architects and interior designers to integrate lighting in an innovative way to their projects. SIGNL will give life to the Maison Diez Company installations with effects, dimming and experiences that will help the visitors understand the importance of lighting control in every project. 

Artell | ModaenTelas

It was founded in 1979 and is, without question, the best regarding fabrics and wallpaper.  Dedicated to editing fabrics for decoration under its own brand, Artell / ModaEnTelas executes an exceptional curatorship, which reflects the latest global trends in decoration.  It represents important decoration international firms such as Alhambra, Casamance, Designers Guild, and recently Kravet offering the latest trends.  A proof of that is its exclusive collaboration for this edition of Maison Diez Company.
Some of the walls of the mansion’s rooms will be intervened with Christian Lacroix and Osborne & Little wallpaper with lush designs.  Its creative placement in walls and even in the ceiling provides an interesting twist to the spaces by creating surfaces upholstered with textures and scenes that take you to exotic places.  Inside Maison Diez Company, Artell also made all the curtains with Clarke & Clarke fabric.

Martha Ortiz | From Light to Darkness

Martha loves to tell stories through her recipes, loves visiting markets as well as appreciate important international haute couture collections. She strolls through museums and enjoys reading late at night so that she can hold onto the picturesque aspect of cooking and the flavors through words that are so well reflected in the titles of her storytelling dishes and production. She is both an expert on gastronomical art and a well informed and creative interpreter of our flavors and traditions. Her restaurants have been included in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2015 by Acqua Panna and San Pellegrino, as well as numerous awards and acknowledgments including a mention by Forbes Mexico as one of the 30 most promising businesses in our country. She has designed for Maison Diez Company a magical journey into a gastronomical experience that will carry us from light to darkness with all its variations.  

Arlette Salas | Siempre Viva

Arquitectura Floral by Arlette Salas has provided Maison Diez Company 2018 and 2019 with an impressive floral installation leaving all our guests speechless. Arlette Salas works with floral elements, ornamental plants and other living elements and props as if they were architectural elements. Arquitectura Floral will once again be in charge of bringing life to the different spaces of this extraordinary location.

CENTRO | Art Alley

Once again, Diez Company will have a space dedicated to emerging designers. CENTRO postgraduate studies will be a part of Maison Diez Company with the collaboration of six graduate lighting designers who will create an installation in the artistic alley of this year’s edition. Together with Casambi and Arquitectura Floral, this group of young lighting specialists will create an immersive installation that will transform this space through color and light. 

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