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Maison Diez Company 2019

Diez Company

With more than a decade of experience in design, distribution and implementation of highend lighting in luxury projects, Diez Company has become an industry leader. It now possesses a wide client portfolio that includes individual projects, collaborations with international design houses and, above all, it has consolidated its reputation within the contract sector, supplying lamps for the most exclusive hotel and restaurant chains throughout the country.

Diez Company, a project by Gina Diez Barroso and Rodrigo Fernández Barajas, has created the Light Report (, a blog specialized in
lighting that offers three printed editions annually, has established itself as the company that sets the pace and defines decorative lighting trends in Mexico.

Maison Diez Company

Maison Diez Company is an ambitious project that brings together the international brands and leaders of the decorative and architectural lighting industry. In a spectacular location in up and coming Mexico City amazing lighting installations are exhibited so that special guests can live the Maison experience closely.
Rodrigo Fernandez, director and co-founder of Diez Company, is in charge of giving life to this project that in 2019 celebrates its second edition, with the participation of brand managers, designers, design personalities and special guests who come together - from different corners of the world to witness and participate of this event dedicated to design and light.

Maison Diez Company 2019

During the most important week dedicated to Design in Mexico, Diez Company will once again present to the public the Maison Diez Company project. A space dedicated to design and lighting where different elements come together bringing life to a unique space in Mexico City.
This rare and unique project in Mexico comes back with a renewed concept that will present new proposals in a mid-century building in the Juárez district; it is addressed to people that enjoy architecture, design, construction and the hotel industry.

This year, the selected venue is a 1950’s building located in the Juárez district in Mexico City that still has the architectural features of its time, which makes it perfect to host Maison Diez Company.
The Juarez district is located very close to downtown Mexico City and it is full of history, continuous growth, gardens, flavors, art, and day and night life.

In this contrasting district, one can find contemporary businesses inside 18th century manors, gardens in different squares, cultural events, and also connect with emerging talent, an essential feature of the art proposal for the streets of “La Juárez”.

Edificio Alicia | A modern life

Five apartments of the building, as well as outdoor common areas and spaces, will be transformed into installations that will exhibit numerous lighting pieces from the most important brands in the world. Each brand will be showcased in its own ambiance and intertwine with one  another to create a shared dialog under the same roof. Astro, Bomma, Bocci, Contardi, Parachilna, Bover, Faro, Estiluz, Showroom Finland and Pablo Designs are just some of the brands that will be showcasing their pieces at Maison Diez Company.
More than 50 international guests will be attending this year, and renowned companies such as AND Light, Tom Dixon and Tooy will also be joining the project for the first time. Lighting designers such as Jason Miller, Matthew McCormick, Pablo Pardo, Christian Lo and the multi award-winning photographer Ema Peter have confirmed their attendance for this great design gathering.


Both Maison Diez Company and The Light Report are initiatives by Rodrigo Fernández, CEO and co-founder of Diez Company, who has established the purpose of developing the lighting market through proposals never seen before in Mexico. His objective is to create a community that benefits producers, distributors, interior designers and clients.
This year, Rodrigo has rallied a group of experts that have helped him conceptualize this project. From their perspectives on architecture, interior design, color, exhibition design and art, these experts have provided their experience to make Maison Diez Company a unique project.



Beata has been the director of the Interior Architecture degree at CENTRO University for more than 10 years and a teacher for more than 20 years. She has also co-authored numerous syllabi for bachelor’s degrees and other postgraduate degrees. She has her own interior architecture and furniture design house. The company is named Nowicka Studio and has received many
awards for its works.
Beata is a jury member in four interior and design architecture contests. They are: “Prisma” for Interior Mexican Design, Obras “Proyectos del Año” and Noldi Schreck and AHEC design awards. She is also an interior architecture and furniture design lecturer.



Cristina has more than 10 years of experience working for the most important interior design companies and for clients from New York, Washington D.C. and Miami. Her vast experience, in conjunction with her fresh creative energy, have paved the way for her role as leader and design director at WeWork LatAm. Cristina is also an avid advocate of sustainability, innovative solutions and projects directed to the community such as Active Design, for which she has given different lectures related to comfort and the workplace.



Carolina is an expert in color marketing and in creating strategies for creative businesses. She has worked in color consulting for the last 10 years as CEO of Global Colour Research and Coulour Hive. Throughout her career, Carolina has collaborated with different companies to implement color strategies in their projects, and has developed processes and marketing initiatives. Carolina is a member of the Society of British and International Design (SBID) and president of the Colour Council. Moreover, she works with many prestigious design universities and associations.



Founded by Jimmy MacDonald in 2007, under the name “TENT LONDON” up until 2016, is an annual event to celebrate and promote design and public audiences. The London DesignFair has more than 400 designers, brands and equipment form around the world. The number of visitors has increased during the last 10 years, reaching 29,000 visitors in 2018.



Karen Huber has focused on contemporary painting and how it has been redefined both formally and technically. From a critical approach, the gallery promotes pictorial production through exhibitions and activities that reflect this subject. Aware of the importance of
nourishing the approach towards art collecting, Huber wants to create a closer relationship with art collectors in terms of information and commitment, whether they are new or well established. Galería Karen Huber takes part in art fairs and cultural projects to promote the development of artists and the gallery itself.



With a degree in Graphic Design from the Universidad Intercontinental and a master’s degree in Typographic Design by Escuela Gestalt de Veracruz, Luis Muñoz has vast studies in design.
He has taught courses on typography, editorial design, calligraphy, semiotics, rhetoric, signage, corporate identity, and formal synthesis. Luis was a professor of Corporate Image in the Corporate Image Studies at Universidad Intercontinental and of the typography course in the editorial design postgraduate degree of the EDINBA (School of Design of the National Institute of Fine Arts). As a lecturer and a workshop facilitator, he has also collaborated with several printed and digital media. His work has been selected and awarded in international and national design contests. Luis has been responsible for the grahics of Maison Diez Company 2019.


For Rodrigo and Diez Company, the word ‘collaboration’ is very important: this is why this project has prominent collaborators. Several companies have become strategic allies for the completion of this project. Our allies are: 

COMEX | Bringing back to life Edificio Alicia

The company specialized in color and paint has brought the Alicia building back to life. Comex took care of rehabilitating the spaces for this project, providing a new energy to the building.
From restoring some elements on the facade to the visual washing of the spaces, Comex has made every effort to turn the Alicia building into a blank canvas for Diez Company and its team to intervene in these different spaces. Comex will participate in this event through different activities and will allow visitors to take home Maison Diez Company’s color through its ColorLife sample machine system.

WeWork | The Lounge @ Maison Diez Company

WeWork is now known as The We Company, an American company that creates and offers collaboration spaces to startups, communities, business services, freelancers, small businesses, and big companies. Founded in 2010, the company came to Mexico a three years ago and it is valued at 47 billion dollars. WeWork’s arrival in Mexico has provided many companies with new ways of working in spaces that contribute to the community. We asked WeWork to create a space inside the Maison Diez Company project. A space conceived for networking with Enterprise clients or any visitor of Maison Diez Company. A space to relax, work, have a drink or simply live the Maison Diez Company experience conceptualized by the creative team at WeWork. Through this collaboration, we want people to live the ‘enterprise experience’ that offers custom-designed spaces to its members. For WeWork, this represents an opportunity to advertise their new projects and to provide, along with Diez Company, a different experience for the Mexico design scene.

Arlette Salas | Arquitectura Floral en Maison Diez Company

Arquitectura Floral by Arlette Salas was responsible for providing Maison Diez Company with beautiful floral decorations that struck all the visitors in 2018. Arlette Salas uses nature as architectural elements. Once again, Arquitectura Floral will be responsible for providing liveliness to the different spaces in the Alicia building. Floral elements, live plants and other scenery items will amaze everyone visiting Maison Diez Company. Besides, Arlette will dictate flower arranging workshops for those interested in learning more about this beautiful practice.

CENTRO | The power of education in Lighting.

The Lighting Design Specialization imparted within the Interior Architecture Degree Program at The Universidad CENTRO will be a part of Maison Diez Company. Students will create an
installation supervised and directed by Rodrigo Fernández and their teachers. This installation ill share space with the rest of the ones made by acclaimed designers. Diez Company will
open a space so that new generations of Mexican designers can show their work at a design platform like Maison Diez Company.

IZASKUN | The Perfume of Edificio Alicia

As the Maison Diez Company experience considers every single detail and aims to stimulate all the senses, we asked IZASKUN to tell us what this wonderful space might smell like.
IZASKUN is a Mexican design and fragrance experimentation house where customized fragrances are conceptualized and developed for exclusive projects with different purposes (fragrance branding, sensory experiences, product lines, among others), in accordance with
the needs of each client. As a creative studio, it manages to combine collaborations with different fields and institutions through research that analyzes the relation between smells and identity and spaces from different perspectives and applications. All this, along with the
purpose of creating awareness about scents and their importance in our lives though olfactory education workshops, lectures, courses, and activities related to the sense of smell. Izaskun's interest as perfumer is to explore the role of scents in the personal and collective identity of
individuals and spaces. Diez Company and IZASKUN will create the first fragrance related to the world of design in Mexico.

La Madriguera at Maison Diez Company

Under a sky filled with stars beautifully set tables emerge from the inside of a parking garage. 
Yes, starts in a garage? Tables instead of cars? Who says what is appropriate? If they decide to wear a salmon on their head, would you wear it? 
The mad call it irreverence, the crazy call it disruptive, the erudites, trend, but whatever! If being right is nonsense anyway! 
It is about that which shakes you, which is appealing to the eye,that estimulates your palate, and your smell and makes you feel alive that happens at Diez Company and its "Madriguera" 
In other word, the main house, where visitors arrive, and that space reserved for true friends. 
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During the most important week dedicated to Design in Mexico, Diez Company will once again present to the public the Maison Diez Company project. A space dedicated to design and lighting where different elements come together bringing life to a unique space in Mexico City.
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